A.I. in the 3D Creation Process and what it will Mean for Artists of the not too Distant Future

By Dr. Eric Risser A.I. seems to be in the news a lot these days. I am often then asked why do I think A.I. is gaining so much momentum compared to other emerging technologies? I believe there are several factors that contribute to this:   First, the internet + the “internet of things” has produced incomprehensible amounts of data. […]

Interview with Gaming Bolt

In February of 2017 Gaming Bolt published excerpts of an interviewed with Artomatix Founder & CTO Dr. Eric Risser.  You can read that here.  However, there was so much good stuff that they didn’t have room for, we thought we’d publish it here on the blog. Q: Artomatix sounds like a dream come true for video game developers. Can you explain […]

Modern Texture Creation

Artomatix and Texturing.xyz  Texturing.xyz has a reputation for excellence in providing ultra high quality, photo-realistic textures to make digital human textures. Their work features heavily in award-winning movies, and games.  The goal of a modern scan-based workflow is to copy and paste objects from the real world into the digital one. Thanks to scanning, virtual worlds are achieving new and unprecedented […]