Use Artomatix to enhance video footage to new heights

Artomatix Enhance is a service that lowers the costs of traditional up-res techniques without compromising on what matters - viewer quality. Enhance allows users to improve the resolution of their footage with the power of AI neural networks. This achieves results that far outstrip traditional methods. More than merely offering increased resolution Enhance is a complete remastering package.

Exceeding the limitations of existing technology

The process of increasing the resolution of an image or video comes with many titles: super resolution, up-rez, and upscaling amongst others. These are just assorted names for solutions related to signal processing; that is filtering images based on mathematics so that edges become sharper and gradients become smoother.

Artomatix uses generative neural networks to “imagine” new details the way a human would. It recognizes objects in a video, adding texture and features semantically based on what it knows should be there. In this way, Artomatix can achieve what nobody else can, an automatic approach for remastering digital footage to a greater size.

Artomatix has developed a proprietary deep learning approach that offers a complete service, taking any source format and treating it to return a high end, final spec project that shreds the costs associated with top quality productions and rendering. Artomatix up-res fits neatly at the end of your post production workflow. Pass us your finalised frames and we will automatically increase their resolution. HDR, 4K, 8K, and beyond are no issue.

Alternative to expensive rendering

We understand that there is a strong demand for increasingly high resolutions in many areas of visual media. It is not always possible to meet this demand due to time or financial constraints tied to rendering projects. Artomatix up-res services reduce both the time needed, and the cost involved. Once we have received frames, it’s only a matter of hours to process them through our networks.


As well as having a strong application with rendered or animated stock, Artomatix up-res works just as effectively with live action footage. Our networks are trained to reduce noise in addition to increasing overall resolution. This means they are well suited to bringing legacy content to current standards. You can translate outdated material to the modern era, or give great current footage a final boost.

Low Quality Footage

1,000’s of amazing moments happen around the world every passing minute. We aren’t always fortunate to capture them with the size and quality that they deserve. However due to the power offered by neural network up-res these special occasions can be lifted to the quality level they warrant.

Whether you have mobile footage, or simply video that doesn’t meet your standards we can help.

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