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Artomatix: Revolutionising Texture Production

14th July 2017 | 80 level

Dr. Eric Risser and lead artist, Seán Walsh talked about the power of Artomatix – new service, that uses deep learning and clever algorithms to create fantastic modern textures from different sources.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence companies to watch in the Art Industry

30th May 2017 | Disruptor Daily

Artomatix received a $2.2M seed in March of 2017, and rightfully so. They have created an artificial intelligence that can create 3D content. [...] Artomatix is going to be a major gamechanger in art and gaming alike.

25 amazing tech companies hiring in Dublin

15th May 2017 | Indeed

Tech workers are drawn to Dublin’s triple threat: challenging tech projects, desirable lifestyle gains, and impactful innovation. Perhaps Dublin’s biggest draw is that it strikes arguably the best lifestyle balance of all tech hubs; in fact, a recent report found that Irish employees are the happiest in Europe and the 4th happiest in the world.

Artomatix: the brush that thinks for you?

12th April 2017 | 3D Total

Artomatix's technology attempts to automate many of the mundane, tedious and low-value tasks for artists and allows them to get to the part they really enjoy. It calls this new approach, "Example-based content creation,” and accomplishes it through the use of neural networks, statistics and, in their words, "a whole lot of passion for the 3D industry!”

Artomatix is revolutionising the world of 3D content

10th April 2017 | Irish Examiner

Dublin-based start up Artomatix is preparing to disrupt the multi-billion euro global 3D industry with cutting edge technology capable of creative immersive worlds faster than has been previously possible.

25 interesting European AI start-ups to watch in 2017

22nd March 2017 |

Founded by Trinity College Dublin PhD graduate Eric Risser, Artomatix is on its way to help define the future of entertainment and design.

Artomatix unveils style transfer service for games artists

8th March 2017 | CG Channel

Irish startup Artomatix has announced a new ‘style transfer’ service for games artists, intended to apply the visual style of a source image to the other textures used in a project.

An Interview With Artomatix: Streamlining Game World Building

3rd March 2017 |

As games become larger and more complex, developers are constantly looking to deliver the biggest worlds possible. Naturally things can get a little tedious when everything has to be crafted by hand and procedural generation may not always be the answer. Enter Artomatix , a physically based rendering (PBR) texture suite that streamlines a lot of an artists’ workload.

Artomatix to Further Develop Artificial Intelligence

2nd March 2017 | 80 level

Dublin-based Artificial Intelligence company Artomatix Ltd. announced on Wednesday the closing of a €2.1m seed round to finance its development.

Artomatix is shaping the future of 3D design with AI

2nd March 2017 | European Commission

Irish start-up Artomatix has just closed a seed round and has raises €2.1m to develop 3d immersive worlds using artificial intelligence.

Game on for Artomatix as its closes €2.1m seed round

1st March 2017 | The Irish Times

“We believe this funding will go a long way towards helping us realise our vision to enable 3D artists create immersive worlds faster than ever,” said Dr Risser, the firm’s chief technology officer.

Ireland’s Artomatix raises €2.1 million for its AI-powered 3D content tools

1st March 2017 |

Dublin-based AI startup Artomatix has raised €2.1 million in a seed round from Enterprise Ireland, Horizon 2020, and a number of angel investors.

Dublin AI start-up Artomatix raises €2.1m in seed round

1st March 2017 |

Artomatix founder Eric Risser’s idea to use AI to create 3D worlds is not so crazy after all.

AI company Artomatix reels in funding

1st March 2017 | PE HUB Network

Dublin-based Artomatix Ltd, an artificial intelligence company, has raised 2.1 million euros in funding. The investors included Enterprise Ireland.

Dublin firm nets millions to develop tech that creates video game art

1st March 2017 | Fora

AN IRISH COMPANY working on technology to help artists who work with computers has raised millions of euro to help finance its development.

Artomatix Raises €2.1M in Funding

1st March 2017 | FinSMEs

Backers included Enterprise Ireland, angel investors and the European Commission through their Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program for high potential European companies (€1.5m).

Artomatix Press Release

1st March 2017 | Artomatix

Artomatix Raises €2.1 Million to Further Develop an Artificial Intelligence that Automatically Creates 3D, Makes Breakthrough in Style Transfer.

Eric Risser (Artomatix) at Startup Grind Dublin

25th January 2017 | Startup Grind

“Artificial Imagination; Strategies for Interviewing Developers; Listening to Customers; this Startup Grind Dublin interview with Eric Risser, founder and CTO of Artomatix has it all ...

Watch the interview
Eric Risser: ‘We’re in the perfect AI storm”

23rd January 2017 |

Deep learning, AI and machine learning are the watchwords of 2017. Eric Risser, founder of Dublin-based Artomatix, has his fingers on the pulse.

Creative tiling: Artomatix applies A.I. to smooth out textures

29th December 2016 | 3D Total

Dr. Eric Risser, founder and CTO of Artomatix, offers his take on A.I. in the 3D creation process and what it will mean for artists of the not too distant future...

Artomatix Materialize, outil de creation de textures

29th July 2016 | 3DVF

Decouvrez Artomatix Materialize, solution destinee au texturing et plus particulierement aux textures bouclables pour la 3D temps reel.

Three Dublin SMES awarded EU funding

28th July 2016 | Business World

A trio of Dublin-based enterprises are to receive EU grants of between €2.5m and €5m.

This Dublin based games studio will make it easier to create an army of zombies

14th May 2016 | Fora

THE GLOBAL GAMING industry is worth roughly $80 billion, give or take a few, and a two-year old Irish company has its eyes on taking home a sizable chunk of it.

Artomatix launches Materialize

13th April 2016 | CG Channel

New startup Artomatix has launched Materialize, a new cloud-based online service that pitches itself as the “first solution that automatically generates textures for artists”.

Artomatix: AI-Enabled Startup Employing Example Based Art Creation For Gaming Companies

6th April 2016 | iamwire

The purpose of a game is to deliver a captivating interactive experience to its users. If we delve games that have made a huge success out of themselves we’ll find just one common trait- Design.

La startup Artomatix anuncia una herramienta de generacion automatica de texturas

18th March 2016 |

Artomatix, una startup tecnologica nacida en Irlanda, ha anunciado recientemente Materialize, una herramienta que pretende ser la primera solucion que genere texturas de forma automatica.

Smart Art: Meet the AI aiming to save devs from the boredom of asset generation

18th March 2016 | Develop

For ten years, Dr Eric Risser has been determined to solve a problem. At GDC 2016, he shared his solution with developers around the world.

Artomatix announces automatic texture generation tool Materialize

18th March 2016 | Develop

Cloud-based service uses AI to avoid repeats and seam artifacts linked to tiling by dynamically creating assets.

Artomatix announces Materialize, the world’s first product that automatically generates textures

17th March 2016 | Inside Indie

Irish-American startup Artomatix announces the release of Materialize, a Cloud-based service focused on solving the issues digital artists meet with textures, the ‘skin’ of 3D models and environments.

We’re helping entrepreneurs like you get money, get GPUs, and get going – Here’s how

23rd November 2015 | astro go read

Since winning a $100,000 investment on the spot from NVIDIA in a Shark Tank-like round of presentations last March, Artomatix has won key endorsements

Making your pitch stand out from the crowd

13th October 2015 | inc.

Artomatix founders' ‘zombie graph’, showing the degrees of artistic variation their company can produce, [...] seemed to get a better reaction from the crowd than three days of scatter charts

The startups: ‘We need a presence in Silicon Valley, that’s the way it is’

4th October 2015 | The Guardian

Risser: ‘I did my PhD at Trinity College, Dublin, in this very obscure field of texture synthesis and have written a program that uses machine learning and computer vision to produce ‘machine creativity’.

Dublin Startup Stories: Artomatix

29th September 2015 | Dublin Globe

Dublin startups tell their stories, powered by DCU Ryan Academy. Meet Dr. Eric Risser, Co-Founder of Artomatix

Software firm Artomatix reaches final stages of start-up competition

22nd September 2015 | The Irish Times

Dublin-based artificial intelligence specialists in contest previously won by Dropbox

Artomatix Is An Artificially Intelligent Game Designing App

21st September 2015 | TechCrunch

The video game industry is worth a staggering $80 billion. What’s crazier is that more than 60% of game development costs are spent on efforts related to the painstaking process of designing in-game art.

Bienvenue dans l’ere des machines creatives

20th April 2015 | Le Monde

Prenez une image de banane dessinee par un artiste, et envoyez-la sur les serveurs de la societe Artomatix. En un instant, vous obtiendrez un lot de dix ou de cent bananes, qui se ressembleront, mais dont aucune ne sera parfaitement identique au modele d’origine – couleur, texture, lignes, taches.

Creating ‘world’s first’ artificial intelligence with imagination

13th April 2015 | The Irish Times

Dublin-based firm Artomatix has had an extraordinary first year, climaxing with a $100,000 win at an Nvidia competition

Deep learning startup Artomatix wins $100K at Nvidia’s startup contest

19th March 2015 | VentureBeat

SAN JOSE — Artomatix, a deep learning artificial intelligence startup with tools for game and entertainment companies, won the $100,000 grand prize in a shootout among 12 startups at Nvidia’s Emerging Companies Summit: Early Stage Challenge.

Nvidia awards 100k startup prize to art-creating AI company Artomatix

18th March 2015 | SiliconANGLE

If you thought that artistic expression was the only thing Artificial Intelligence (AI) could never replicate, you might want to rethink that art degree. Nvidia Corp. has awarded the $100,000 prize.

Artomatix – “a Painkiller and Vitamin for Artists” – Wins $100,000 at Emerging Companies Summit

18th March 2015 | NVIDIA

A year-old startup that promises to cut production costs for video games and movies, won the second annual $100,000 Early Stage Challenge, at NVIDIA’s Emerging Companies Summit.

Can artificial intelligence be creative like human… and take over digital art?

22nd December 2014 |

A COMPUTER WILL soon be able to “democratise art creation” and take the time-consuming and expensive work out of making digital images for video games and movies.

Building the blocks that make up the world’s blockbuster games

3rd November 2014 | The Irish Times

Thanks to the ‘halo effect’, leading innovators have helped to turn Ireland into a major gaming hub.

The 30 under 30 shaping Ireland’s future

31st August 2014 |

This Floridian isn't strictly Irish, but given the roots he has built up here we had to include him. Tech genius Risser moved to Dublin five years ago to complete a PhD in computer science at Trinity.

Tech start-up of the week: Artomatix

19th April 2014 | SiliconRepublic

Our start-up of the week is Artomatix, whose team has built an artificial intelligence system with human-like artistic creativity.


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