Texture Enhancement


Enhancing libraries of digital textures

Convert your old digital textures into high resolution content.

The race towards high resolution has left many textures, that are just a few years old, too low-res to be reused – effectively making them unsuitable for production.

Using deep learning algorithms, we can convert your outdated textures into high resolution, production-ready PBR materials, effectively giving them a new life. Artomatix can also create variants of these textures, to give you a range of textures to chose from when reusing them and expanding your current texture library.

Benefit from tailor-made options derived from
Artomatix Machine Learning software

Convert old textures into production ready PBR materials

Each texture is converted to a high resolution PBR material using Artomatix’s Shape From Shading technology, generating all the maps necessary for a high quality 3D representation of your texture.

Enhance quality of your textures

Using the input data as inspiration, Artomatix can then grow a texture from a resolution as low as 256 x 256 to one as high as 8192 x 8192 pixels. By the end of the process, each material is tileable and production-ready, streamlining your team’s creation process.

Create new variations of your texture

Old and new textures alike can be mutated through the Artomatix service to generate completely new variants of your studio’s existing textures, at the same size or at a larger one, across all maps. Think turning one texture into twenty.
At Artomatix, we can remove any unwanted artefacts or gradients tied to the material during the creation process.

Extend your texture ad infinitum

Another option our customers have is to convert your texture into a memory-efficient ‘Infinity Tile’, which can be used in game engines and other rendering solutions. An Infinity Tile is like a puzzle: from one tile, sixteen unique tiles can be generated to obliterate the impression of repeats in your scene, at no additional memory cost.

Old and new textures alike can be enhanced through the Artomatix service

Thanks to our innovative, automated system you will benefit from:

Outstanding digital outputs

at any resolution you’d like and compatible with physically-based rendering (PBR)

A turnkey solution

it’s very easy to use as we will take care of everything

Competitive pricing

our technology will give you the competitive advantage, by coming in up to 75% under market rate for your textures

Personalisation support and options

throughout the process, we will provide expert level guidance and advice to insure you are always please with the end results

High definition output

Supported bit depth

  • - 8bit -
  • - 16bit -
  • - 32bit -

Texture output channels

  • - Diffuse / Albedo -
  • - Normal -
  • - Displacement -
  • - Specular / Roughness -

Supported file formats

  • - TIFF -
  • - PNG -
  • - JPG -
  • - TGA -
  • - EXR -

Artomatix is revolutionising 3D content creation

Our company vision is to use Artificial Intelligence to offer people the 3D content that they want at a price that is affordable.

Artomatix employs proprietary Machine Learning algorithms running on some of the world's most powerful, and secure GPU servers to assist industrial and pre-visualisation companies in digitising their libraries of physical textures for their 3D offering needs

To achieve this mission, we rely on Artomatix's technology: example-based content creation. Developed over 10+ years of R&D by Artomatix's CTO, and Columbia University, New York and Trinity College, Dublin alumnus Dr. Eric Risser, our tech won NVIDIA's prestigious Early Stage Challenge ($100k) and reached the final of TechCrunch Disrupt and Hellow Tomorrow, two tech-focused contests. Artomatix products eliminate the time consuming and tedious task of manually converting a physical texture to a PBR material in a fast, reliable and high quality fashion.

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